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"I have been a smoker since my teenager year. After one session with Paulina, I completely stopped smoking and I am now free from my smoking addiction. Since then, I followed the Butterfly program and I can say that my life has greatly changed. I am successfully managing my stress and no longer suffer from insomnia. I have made a deep transformation in my life and I am now following what matter the most for me and I am very clear on my life vision. A big thanks to Paulina for her dedication, professionalism and determination. We can feel that she is so passionate about what she does. Also, the mix of therapies is a real game changer and makes the programmes very effective." 

Camilo R. • London, UK


"My experience with the Butterfly's program with Paulina has been life changing. I have learnt so much about myself and endeavour to take what I learnt from that 6 weeks transformation into my daily life! I would recommend it to everyone who wants to grow!." 

Ewelina S. • London, UK


"I called on Paulina for help to quit smoking. I had tried nicotine replacement therapy before but nothing helped. I was over 20 cigarettes a day! 
So, a year ago, I followed the stop smoking program with Paulina to help me fight my tobacco addiction. Not only was I able to relax, but she also managed to make me stronger allowing me to fight my urges. I am much calmer, more resilient facing tobacco. I had tried to quit smoking for years and after only one session of the stop smoking program, I went from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to none. It was a very radical and efficient shift. To this day, I still manage to hold on and I feel so much better. Thank you Paulina" 

Marielle L. • Henin, France


"I followed the butterfly program and I am very very pleased with the results. The sessions are adapted to each person, super interesting and very relaxing. You really get to have a formidable experience and also project yourself to make the changes you need in your life.." 

Johanny S. • Chambery, France


"The therapies with Paulina were so interesting, focused on the situation I was going through. I was overwhelmed with the life I was leading and she has helped me to consider and reorganize my life goals in the different areas of life and break them down into more manageable and achievable actions allowing me to move forward in creating a better and happier life for myself. I highly recommend the programs to anyone.." 

Maria G. • Palma, Spain


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